Printable Easter Basket

Printable Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny Giftbag is a great way of packaging all your Easter treats like chocolates, sweets & mini gifts! With cute bunnies & easter eggs, this bright colorful giftbag also goes very well with Jinjerup's Easter Bunny bookmarks: 3 fab easter egg themed bookmarks! Plus we’ve even created a cute little pocket for the bookmarks, placed on the side of the gift bag.

What you need

Easter Bunny Gift Bag PDF File (see below)
glue or tape
paper cutter/blade
printer (optional, you can also print your PDF File at your local print shop)
thick paper/card stock (optional, you can also print your PDF File at your local print shop)
single hole puncher (optional, you can make your own holes using a paper cutter)
ribbon/string (optional, for a stronger Giftbag handle)
inkless ball point pen/blunt tipped tool (optional, for easier folding/scoring)


The Easter Bunny Set printables are available as a two-part download set from:

Part 1) Easter Bunny Giftbag Printable PDF (as featured on
Part 2) Easter Bunny Bookmarks (featured on

Step 1: 

Open Easter Bunny Giftbag’s PDF File in Adobe Reader and print out on cardstock or thicker paper stock using your printer (or you can print the PDF File at your local print shop). Gather all the materials needed to make the Easter Bunny Giftbag

Step 2: 

Cut out Giftbag Template following the cutting lines.

Step 3: 

Using the back of your paper cutter/blade or using a inkless ball point pen, score along the folding lines. Scoring means lightly dragging your back of blade or pen across the folding lines to make folding easier.

Step 4:

Fold according to the folding lines, make sure you also fold the side flap of the Giftbag.

Step 5a: 

After folding, this is what your Giftbag Template looks like on the outside

Step 5b: 

After folding, this is what your Giftbag Template looks like on the inside.

Step 6: 

Apply glue or tape to the side flap of the Giftbag Template.

Step 7: 

Firmly stick the side flap to the side of the Giftbag Template.

Step 8: 

Fold in the bottom flaps of the Giftbag.

Step 9: 

Your Giftbag base is ready!

Step 10: 

Cut the Giftbag handle.

Step 11: 

Place some glue or tape on both ends of the Giftbag handle.

Step 12: 

Stick one end of handle to center top area of the Giftbag and repeat the same for the handle’s other end.

Step 13: 

After sticking the handle, fill in with treats & presents, your Giftbag is ready!

(Optional Ribbon/String Handle)
Step 14:

If you require a longer handle, you can use your own ribbon or string as a handle for your Giftbag.
Using a single hole puncher, punch a hole in center top area of the Giftbag, repeat the same for the other side.
If you do not have a single hole puncher or any hole puncher, just make a hole big enough for some ribbon or string to go through.

Step 15: 

Prepare the length of ribbon or string that you want to use as the Giftbag’s handle. Pull ribbon or string through the first hole of the Giftbag and make a knot at the end of the ribbon/string. Repeat the same for the Giftbag’s second hole. Fill Giftbag with candies or presents for your loved ones, and it’s ready!


1) Giftbag Measurements:
When printed at 100% on letter sized cardstock, the size of the giftbag (without the handle attached) is width: 8.5cm/3.3 inch, height: 9.1cm/3.6inch & dimension: 4.5cm/1.8 inch. Base of giftbag is a rectangle, width (6.5cm/2.6 inch) & length (4.6cm/ 1.8inch).

2) Since this Giftbag is to be constructed from cardstock, it would be advisable that only lightweight gifts be placed inside of giftbasket. Also, ribbon or string handles are stronger than the paper handle.

3) The height of the handle can be adjusted according to the reader’s preference, ie: the paper handle can be shortened or the handle can be lengthened if the reader prefers to use longer ribbon/string.

4) Your screen & printer’s printout colors may look slightly different from PDF files. PDF files are formatted to print on letter sized paper/card stock and PDF Files are not editable. Open & print PDF files in FREE Adobe Reader software.

5) Terms of Use:
When you use Jinjerup & Craftbits PDF files, you agree that you can only print & use Jinjerup & Craftbits PDF Files for your own personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to share, change, sell, distribute, re-sell the PDF files or printed copies of the PDF files for any profit or commercial use. The copyright is not transferable with the sale or use of Jinjerup & Craftbits PDF files. All designs, photos, art & illustration (content) is property of Jinjerup & Craftbits and Copyright © Jinjerup & Jinjerup & Craftbits retains all rights to content.

6) Bookmarks & Giftbag Pocket Measurements:
When printed at 100% on letter sized cardstock, each bookmark is about width (2.3cm/0.9 inch) & height (6.5cm/2.6 inch). The side pocket is available as part of the bookmarks’ PDF. The side pocket is detachable, as in should readers want to attach it to the giftbasket, they can choose to do so or they can use the bookmarks as is. When folded, the side pocket is width (3.2cm/1.3 inch) & height (4.6cm/ 1.8inch).


  1. This is a cute little basket. It would be great to use for favors, place settings, etc. It would be cuter if I could print this. It does seem small, but I want it anyway! Nice that it is already decorated. Thanks!

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