DIY Earrings – Suede Fringe

DIY Earrings – Suede Fringe

DIY fringe earrings have enjoyed resurgence as newly-trendy style has made its way in the streets and boutiques. Hence, this post is really worthy having a try if you wanna your mom a modern mom!

What you need

Suede cord
Ribbon end
Earring Hook
Flat Nose Plier


Step1: Take a strip of suede cord, double it 3 or four times for each segment reaches to about 6cm long. Next, cut the folded locations.


Step2: Stuff the suede segments into the ribbon end. Usually I prepare 6 strips for one. Stack them into two layers.

Clip and squeeze the ribbon end with your flat nose plier.

Step3: Shape the fringe. Determine to make them aligned or into chevron as you prefer.

Step4: Open a jumpring and attach on your earring hook.

Step5: Do repeat the same processes for another piece of entire diy fringe earrings.

So, this is a personalized jewelry for mom now. Have you remembered to record the time cost? I’m actually sure that must be under 5 minutes.


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