DIY Earrings – Suede Fringe

DIY Earrings – Suede Fringe

DIY fringe earrings have enjoyed resurgence as newly-trendy style has made its way in the streets and boutiques. Hence, this post is really worthy having a try if you wanna your mom a modern mom!

What you need

Suede cord
Ribbon end
Earring Hook
Flat Nose Plier


Step1: Take a strip of suede cord, double it 3 or four times for each segment reaches to about 6cm long. Next, cut the folded locations.


Step2: Stuff the suede segments into the ribbon end. Usually I prepare 6 strips for one. Stack them into two layers.

Clip and squeeze the ribbon end with your flat nose plier.

Step3: Shape the fringe. Determine to make them aligned or into chevron as you prefer.

Step4: Open a jumpring and attach on your earring hook.

Step5: Do repeat the same processes for another piece of entire diy fringe earrings.

So, this is a personalized jewelry for mom now. Have you remembered to record the time cost? I’m actually sure that must be under 5 minutes.


What you need

flat nosed pliers
2x 15mm beads
2x 5mm beads
2 earring loops
2 Head pins


These earrings would have the be the fastest earrings to make with practice your loop making will become easier and faster.

Thread the large bead and small bead onto the head pin and bend at a right angle.

Using the round nose pliers (or small cuticle scissors) grasp the bent head pin and twist it into a loop.

Slip eye of this loop onto the ear wire and continue to curl into a tight loop.

Once the loop is tight your earrings are secure enough to wear.

Obviously this is a very simple design, but it’s a great way to make a basic earring so you can afford a set for every outfit in your closet.

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