How To Dry Your Own Roses

How To Dry Your Own Roses

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What you need

Bunch of roses


To dry roses naturally , wait till your bunch of roses open completely then remove any dried broken or brown leaves from the bunch.

Using some elastic bands or garbage bag ties secure the stems into a bunch.

Using some string attach it to the bunch of roses and hang them up in an area with non direct sunlight.

Try to have them hanging directly upside down or you may find your roses dry on a wilting angle.

Once the roses are fully dried spray them with some normal hairspray. This gives them a fine lacquered coating that will keep the dust off them.


  1. does it matter what temperature you hang them in?

  2. I have done this craft
    it is easy and lasts a long time. The catch
    is to use different
    colors of roses

  3. process far easier to do than any other website i found 🙂 thanks

  4. I’ve been doing this for years and they last for absolutely ages.

  5. Thanks for the tip, have been wanting to do this but not sure how to until now. Will try this on my next dozen roses.

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