Dollar Tree Jenga Block Christmas Snowflake

Dollar Tree Jenga Block Christmas Snowflake

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a Rustic wooden snowflake for Christmas using Jenga building blocks from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

49  Dollartree blocks   or recycled upcycled Jenga building blocks

E6000 Glue



To create the snowflake you will need to use the photo above and the diagram below to help give you a visual guide.

Step1: Create a line of 9 blocks,(Layer 1) –  go ahead and glue each block into place as you go for all the steps.

2: Create a second line (layer 2) by adding 4 blocks across the line of the 9 block layer 1.

3: Create 8 single block v’s by using two blocks placed in an (L shape)

4: Glue these L’s into place by placing them on the tip of each Layer to create the snowflake effect at the edges.

5: Do the same as above but with two blocks using 4 blocks per L . (Double ls)

6: Glue four of the double l’s  midway across the Layer 1 and four across the Layer 2 these will overlap the double L’s on layer 1.

The photo for this amazing Snowflake was contributed by Pam K, her daughter created this snowflake. Thanks for sharing Pam.


  1. I just completed this project. I think it’s a cute idea. But I found the E 6000 glue does not hold very well unless( I got the wrong kind of glue) This glue was kind of gummy when it dried. I used my hot glue gun, but I don’t think that’s gonna last very long. I think this would work better if I weren’t using the blocks for the long pieces. I do like it!! Ohh and also I used small blocks to create the L , on the short arrow pieces. It gave it some dimension.

  2. Debra Brandt says

    The written instructions do not match the picture, there are little square pieces in the “V”

  3. This project looks amazing I’m going to try it but it looks like you used some smaller blocks on the v shapes just was wanting to make sure

  4. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

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