Dollar Tree Flower Initial Wreath

Dollar Tree Flower Initial Wreath

This wreath is made using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

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This wreath is made using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store. To begin you will need some rustic string or ribbon, a jute cord works well. Take your metal ring or wreath form and bind it with the rope. You can also use strips of fabric or binding to cover the hoop.

This wreath has a wooden laser cut initial featured in the middle, Obviously, you would select the initial for your family last name or a number for your street address. If your letter does not have a hole in the top, use a small drill or hammer and nail to create a hole. This is so you can thread it up to make it hang in the middle of your wreath.    Paint your letter using basic craft paints or a Krylon spray paint.  Make sure you do not block the hole at the top.  Whilst it is drying you can create the beaded string attachment to hang it up. Measure your thread, cord or fishing line so that it hangs your letter into the middle of the wreath.  String your beads onto the cord, allowing enough space either end for tying to the letter and tying to the wreath.

If you are unsure you can wait till the letter is dried and tie it on and then thread it up.  The beads you use are your own choice.

Once your letter is hanging in place it is time to decorate. Using faux plastic flowers create a small kiss of flowers on to the bottom of your wreath. Use a strong durable glue like hot glue or E6000 to secure it.

This wreath has been finished off with a buffalo check wire ribbon bow.


This photo was contributed by Krista R, Thanks for sharing your DIY creation Krista.


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