Dollar Tree – Distressed Lantern

Dollar Tree – Distressed Lantern

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a distressed lantern for a table centrepiece or mantel using supples from the dollar tree store.

What you need

Dollar Tree Materials: 1 Picture Box Frame 8”X 8” by 1” tall (For Base)
1 Set (2) of Hot Wheels Tracks (24”)
Foam Brush

Krylon White Spray Paint (Gloss or Matte)
White Chalk Paint
Black Chalk Paint (small amount)
Paint Brush (1” or so)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


This tutorial was contributed by Phyllis F. Thanks for sharing Phyllis we loved your variation of this Craft!

This lantern would be perfect for seasonal occasions, it can be easily transformed to suit any home decor from farmhouse to beach house!  Embellish with shells and rope for a nautical look or add some holly or greenery for a Christmas lantern.


Turn picture box frame upside down to use as a base. (You can also use
a shadow box with a 2” side.)

Set 1 Hot Wheels track in base at opposite corners. (Track will bend
easily to form the arch.) Hot glue each end in place.

Set the other track in the remaining corners and hot glue in place at the

Add hot glue in the middle where both tracks intersect (at the top) to
hold together.

FINIAL (Top Piece)

You can use whatever you want or have on hand for the finial (top
piece.) (ie; small wooden candlestick topped with a ping pong ball)
I used an old rubber stamp, 2 sm. wooden blocks (DT), 1 wooden bead.
I glued the 2 wooden blocks on top of the stamp, then glued 1 wooden
bead on top of the blocks. Hot glue the entire finished piece on top of
the tracks where they intersect.


Spray paint (white) the entire lantern inside and out with 2 coats. Let
dry completely between coats.
Chalk (white) paint with paint brush the entire lantern with 2 coats. Let
dry completely between coats.
Distress paint (black) with foam brush around edges, and where


Choose a couple of colors of flowers and some greenery and place
around the inside edge of the base. Add a flameless candle to the
Now, enjoy your beautiful masterpiece!!!!

Variation —

Phyllis  used the Mini Buffalo Plaid Transfer and Black Paste from Chalk Couture to decorate the sides

Phyllis Filbeck

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