DIY – Summer Fruits Door Wreath

DIY – Summer Fruits Door Wreath

Welcome to this DIY tutorial on creating a simple and delightful summer wreath using supplies from Dollar Tree. In this project, we will be incorporating lemon floral picks and blueberry floral picks to add a refreshing touch to your wreath. With just a few affordable materials and easy steps, you can create a stunning wreath that will brighten up your home and embrace the summer vibes. So let's dive in and discover how to make this charming wreath that captures the essence of the season.

What you need

18-inch grapevine wreath form

6 Eucalyptus picks from the Dollar Tree

4 Lemon floral picks

4 Blueberry picks

Hot Glue gun/glue sticks

Wire Cutter

Ribbon for Hanging



Let’s get started on making this awesome summer wreath with Dollar Tree supplies! Here’s a rundown of the steps:

Gather Your Stuff First things first, gather up all the things you’ll need for this project. Make sure you’ve got the grapevine wreath form, eucalyptus picks, lemon floral picks, and blueberry picks, and if you want some extra hold, grab a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Get Those Blueberry Picks in Place Take , one of the blueberry picks and gently weave it into the grapevine wreath. Stick the stem in between the grapevine pieces, making sure it’s nice and secure. If you want to play it safe, add a little dab of hot glue to the stem before weaving it in. Keep doing this until you’ve evenly spaced out the blueberry picks all around the wreath.  If your wreath form is foam you can push the wire stem into the form, you may need to shorten the wire too.

Bring in the Lemon Floral Picks, Now it’s time to add a zesty touch with the lemon floral picks. Weave them into the grapevine wreath alongside the blueberry picks. Just like before, insert the stems into the grapevine, using the same weaving technique. If you want these babies to stay put, put a little hot glue on the stems before sticking them in. Keep going until you’ve evenly distributed all the lemon floral picks throughout the wreath.

Green It Up with Eucalyptus, Let’s add some lush greenery to the mix. Weave those eucalyptus picks into the grapevine wreath, focusing on spots where you think it needs a bit more foliage. Repeat this step until you’ve used all six eucalyptus picks. And hey, if you need to trim the picks with wire cutters, go ahead and do it.

Optional Extra Hold, If you want to make sure everything stays in place, grab that hot glue gun. Apply a little bit of hot glue to the stems of each pick before weaving them into the grapevine. This will give you that extra stability and keep things from getting loose over time. But hey, if you’re feeling confident, you can totally skip this step and still make a kickass wreath.

Keep Up the Floral Pattern, Now it’s all about repetition. Keep repeating the pattern of blueberry picks, lemon floral picks, and eucalyptus picks around the entire wreath form. Take a step back every now and then to check if it’s looking balanced and visually appealing. If you notice any areas that could use more greenery, use those extra eucalyptus picks to fill in the gaps.

Finishing Touches, Once you’re happy with how everything looks, take a final look and make sure all the picks are firmly woven into the grapevine. Make any adjustments if needed, and trim any excess stems that might be sticking out.

Hang That Beauty and Enjoy, Your summer wreath is now complete. Hang it proudly on your front door, in your living room, or anywhere that could use a splash of summer charm. Sit back, relax, and take in the beauty you’ve created using Dollar Tree supplies or if you do not have a store near you, check out other discount stores or purchase via Amazon. Wreath-making does not need to be expensive.

And remember, you can totally make this wreath your own by adding different floral picks, tying on ribbons or bows, or getting creative with other decorative elements. It’s all about making it uniquely you. So go ahead, have fun, and happy crafting!




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