DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

This a very easy project you can complete in less than 30 minutes if you have all the materials needed. It's perfect for the Spring or Easter season.

What you need

Plastic Easter Eggs
Wreath Ring
Spanish Moss
Burlap Ribbon


Step 1 – Gather your items and lay out the eggs on the wreath ring as you’d like them to be glued down. Start gluing the eggs by putting glue on the wreath ring itself. Repeat until all the eggs are glued.

(Note: I actually bought everything at the dollar store so this entire project cost me less than $5!)

Step 2 – Next, take bunches of the Spanish moss and glue on the exposed metal ring and repeat until it’s all covered. Also, make sure there is enough glue in case you get loose moss and use scissors as needed.

Step 3 – Lastly, tie a small piece of burlap ribbon to the top of the wreath for hanging and you’re done!


  1. Did you use a glue gun to glue the eggs to the wreath?

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