DIY Nautical Keepsake Shells Wreath

DIY Nautical Keepsake Shells Wreath

This tutorial shows you how to create a nautical beach wreath using keepsake shells and supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

What you need

14 Inch wire wreath form (Dollar Tree)

Metal Relax sign (dollar Tree)

Sea Shells collected from the beach or store bought

3 packages of clothespins

White Spray Paint or any white paint you have

Coffee pod or coffee

Container to let the clothespins soak in coffee, I used a metal tin I had

Waverly Chalk Paint color was Pool


Hot Glue Gun



Start by spray painting one package of the clothespins white (I did 2 coats)

Take one package of the clothespins and soak them for a few hours in coffee, then either put them in the oven on 200 to dry for an hour or put them outside to naturally dry

Take the last package and you will only use half of this package and paint them with the Pool Waverly Chalk Paint

I alternated the colors as I liked that type of look, and clipped the clothespins onto the inner wire ring

Once all of the clothespins are on, I added the shells using the hot glue gun

I next decided to paint the relax metal sign with the pool chalk paint (2 or 3 coats)

You can use some nautical rope to create a hanger on the top (optional)


  1. This wreath is really cute, I’d also add a mirror on the back to add more pop to it. Thanks for sharing, has given me inspiration to make this and other wreaths in different colors and seasonal items to use, i.e., winter, autumn/fall, spring…so many cute ideas come to mind using the basic materials!

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