DIY Hydrangea Cottage Garden Wreath

DIY Hydrangea Cottage Garden Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to take Dollar tree items and turn them into a lush garden wreath. perfect for Farmhouse or cottage decor.

What you need

18-inch grapevine wreath 

2 bunches of the pale pink and 2 bunches of the mauve hydrangea bunches from Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Eucalyptus

Dollar Tree spikey flowers

Pre-Made Bows 

Hot Glue Gun

Garden sign from Dollar Tree

Wire Cutters





This craft tutorial will guide you through the process of transforming affordable Dollar Tree items into a beautiful, lush wreath that is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home. With its whimsical design and easy-to-follow steps, this wreath is sure to become a favorite DIY project for anyone who loves gardening, farmhouse decor, or just a fun crafting challenge. Hydrangeas are very popular at the moment so they are easily available in the discount stores too.

I started by adding the premade bow first. It had a twist tie so I weaved it around a few grapevines and then twisted it together in the back 

Then using the wire cutters, I cut all of the hydrangea bunches, eucalyptus and spikey flowers from Dollar Tree. I left a couple of inches so that it could be weaved into the grapevines. If you want a more permanent look, definitely use hot glue to secure the flowers. I started with the pale pink flowers first, then the mauve flowers and finally on the ends added the spikey flowers and the eucalyptus to add some additional color

To add the garden gate sign, I removed the burlap ribbon piece from the back, weaved it through the grapevine and then hot glued the ribbon back to the sign, I added some hot glue to the back of the sign where it would come in contact with the grapevine to secure it more



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