Make a Mini Felt Christmas Tree

Make a Mini Felt Christmas Tree

You can make this Christmas tree decor piece with some leftover felt fabric and dry twigs. It's really quick, easy and fun to make.

What you need

• Felt
• Dry twig
• X-acto and scissors
• Hotglue gun


Step-1: Collect a dry twig of any size you prefer. Cut a long piece for the main tree log and 2 small pieces for the base.

Step-3: Print and cut out a simple Christmas tree pattern. Place the pattern on the felt fabrics you chose and trace the sides. Cut out the traced patterns. Cut 8-10 pieces.

Step-3: Take any one felt tree patterns and fold it into half lengthwise. Apply glue along the folded line and attach it with the long twig.

Step-4: Similarly take another piece of felt tree pattern and attach it with the twig, adjacent to the previous pattern. Keep attaching the tree patterns until the whole twig is covered.

Step-5: Finally attach the tree on a base to complete the project.

Use different coloured felt fabrics for variation.


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