DIY Colorful Seed Bead Gypsy Earrings

DIY Colorful Seed Bead Gypsy Earrings

You'll be surprised to find out how easily you can make these gypsy style earrings. Gather all the materials and simply follow this tutorial.

What you need

Seed beads – 4-5 different colors, craft wire – 18-20 gauge, jewelry pliers- cutting, flat-nose and looping pliers.



step (1)

Step (1): You can make the earring hooks, jump rings and charms with craft wire or you can simply buy them. You will need 1 earring hook, 1 jump ring and 3 charms for each earring.step (2)

Step (2): Cut a small piece (5-6 cm) of craft wire according to the required size for the earrings. With the help of the looping pliers create a small loop at any one end of the small wire.

step (3)

Step (3): Insert seed beads into the wire through the other open end. Use different colored seed beads. Do not fill the wire with beads. Fill half of the wire with seed beads and make sure to insert even number of beads (you’ll know why in steps-7).

step (4)

Step (4): Done beading the wire? Now, create another loop at the other end of the wire to secure the beads. After creating the loop carefully bend the beaded wire and bring the loops at both ends of the beaded wire close to each other. Attach both loops of the beaded wire through the jump ring and also attach the earring hook with the earring through the jump ring.step (5)

Step (5): Cut another small piece of craft wire. 1 long piece and 2 small pieces, the size of these wires would depend on your choice. Create a small loop on the wire and fill the wire with different colored seed beads but a keep enough wire at the other end to create another small loop to secure the beads.

step (6)

Step (6): Now, attach the charm (from step-1) with the beaded straight wire through the loops. You may also use jump rings to attach the charm with the beaded straight wire. Similarly make 2 more of these.

step (7)

Step (7): We’ll be attaching 3 beaded straight wires with the hoop earring. You can add more if you wish to.

step (8)

Step (8): Attach the long one on the center and the smaller ones on the sides, keeping 2 beads between the beaded straight wires. Similarly make the other earring.

You can use other kinds of beads as well for more variety. Enjoy!


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