DIY Christmas Snowman Shutters

DIY Christmas Snowman Shutters

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to upcycle an old window shutter into a cute Christmas snowman

What you need

Window Shutter
Acrylic Paints
One small length of wood for hat brim or a paint stick


For this tutorial, you will need some old upcycled window shutters. If you do not have any of your own, you can purchase them from Building yards or you may be lucky enough to find some at a yard sale.


You will need to clean up your shutters and give them a base coat or white paint. This tutorial doesn’t come with a painting pattern but you can use the image as a guide to know where and what to paint. The top hat on the snowman has the added detail of the hat brim. This can be made with a suitable length of wood or if you are like me and don’t want to start sawing wood, then use a wooden paint stirring stick or even some durable cardstock.

Paint the snowman and add his scarf and buttons when it is dry. If you are using this on your porch or in the yard, I highly suggest adding some paint varnish to protect it.

These stunning snowman were created by Brittany.L ,  who is a member of our Facebook Christmas craft group. Thanks for sharing with us Brittany.



  1. Jack Haymond says

    Great project! Loved the way ours came out as well

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