DIY Beautiful Bridal Comb

DIY Beautiful Bridal Comb

Don’t want to overpay for wedding hair accessories? Learn how to make a bridal comb to complement your beautiful wedding dress. Simple DIY guide.

What you need

silver metal hair comb;
one large crystal flower bead;
several smaller crystal flower beads;
crystal faceted round beads of different sizes;
jet faceted round beads;
pearls in varying sizes;
thin-gauge jewellery wire;
fine pliers for bending the wire;
wire cutters.


Wedding accessories are indeed a beautiful way to complement your dress on your special day. The only problem is that bridal jewellery – even if it looks quite generic – can easily go for hundreds of dollars apiece. I know it well, as that is what I faced not so long ago when looking for ideal wedding hair accessories for myself. However, girls, you don’t need to pay that extra money to get a unique headpiece that will complement your final bridal look. After all, you can do it yourself!

Today, I’m going to share my own experience and show you how to make a bridal comb perfect for one of these amazing half up half down wedding hairstyles. The good news is that it does not require from you any special skills. With just a little patience and minimum material input, you can create ideal bridal jewellery for your dream wedding image. Let’s start!

Step 1:Use your cutters to snip a piece of the beading wire. Place it in between the first teeth of your hair comb and carefully secure its one end behind the comb with the help of your jewellery pliers.

Step 2: String a larger flower bead onto the other half of the wire and slide it down closer to the top of the metal comb. Bend the wire behind it to secure the flower.

Step 3: To make a branch of flowers and beads, cut the wire four times longer than it should be on your comb. Wrap its one half around the comb.

Step 4: Slide the bead you want to place on the top of the branch into the middle of the wire and fold it. Twist the wires together tightly. Then string another bead (or several) onto the same wire and twist it again. Move down the wire until you have the branch you want.

Step 5: Wrap the wire around the comb and hide its end. You can make as many branches as you want. The technique is the same for all beads and flowers.

Now as you know how to make a bridal comb, you can try different styles and forms to find the one that perfectly suits your wedding look. The result depends only on your imagination. Good luck!




  1. Bonnie G says

    I’m a real novice at this stuff so a picture of each piece before being taken apart and attached would have been helpful

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