Dinosaur Treasure Eggs

Hide these eggs around the yard and allow the children to discover them and open them with a smash of a child's hammer or a larger rock.

Dinosaur Treasure Eggs

What you need

2 1/2 cups flour
2 1/2 cups of dirt
1 cup sand
1 1/2 cups of salt
Small Plastic toy dinosaurs
(available from toys stores)


These treasure eggs are great for classroom activities.

To make the dough mix all the dry ingredients together: flour, dirt, salt and sand. Gradually stir in enough water so that the mix holds together.

Shape handfuls of dough around the small plastic dinosaurs into egg shapes.

Give these rocks up to 4 days to dry rock hard.


  1. What can i use besides sand, idon’t have any?????

  2. haha both my baby 3yr old cousin and my freinds who are 20 yr olds will love these. XD

  3. I made these for my nephew, he LOVED them!

  4. just what i needed

  5. May sound silly but when you’re young this kind of thing is amazing! I still remember a pre-kindergarden “dino egg hunt”.

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