Decoctions – Basics

Decoctions – Basics

Decoction is a way to extract the chemicals from a herb. In this recipe, you will learn to make a basic decoction.

What you need

1 1/2 cups of water
2 tsp of fried herbs or
4 tsp of finely chopped fresh herbs


To make a decoction we gently boil the ingredients to extract the active ingredients.

The harder parts of the plants such as roots, bark and seeds are usually treated in this way.

Put the water in a pot with the herbs and bring it to the boil, cover tightly and simmer gently for 30 Min’s. Strain and filter if necessary.

The resultant decoction can then be used in the same way as the herbal infusion.


  1. what does it do?and what herbs?

  2. what is 2 tsp. of what ?236

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