Cuppa Coffee Card

Cuppa Coffee Card

This card has been made using a Rollagraph Pattern Wheel - Best Mugs.

What you need

Best mugs rollagraph
Fancy ccissors
Sticky sheet
Thick glue pen


Roll a border at the base of the card leaving about 5 mm from the bottom edge.

Cut along the bottom edge with fancy scissors.

Using sticky sheet cut out a small rectangle with deckle scissors and stick onto the center of the card.

Peel off the backing sheet on the top.

Cut out another piece of sticky sheet using the deckle scissors and stick onto the first.

Now sprinkle instant coffee onto the exposed sticky sheet.

Peel off final backing sheet.

Stick coffee beans onto the exposed sticky sheet.

Sprinkle desert sand over what’s left of the exposed sticky sheet.

Write message with thin side of the thick glue pen and then sprinkle instant coffee over to produce the colored writing.


Bonus: Using instant coffee for this card makes it even more special – the aroma is delicious.

This Card Making Project was contributed by PatriceDreams and Traditions


  1. Sewing-x-Machine says

    Great. I think it would make a great fathers day card!

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