Crochet Hemp Jewelry

Crochet Hemp Jewelry

Use an old technique to create these modern hemp jewelry earrings. They are rustic, natural and a complete statement piece.

What you need

Hemp, knitting worsted weight, (or use 2 strands of smaller weight)
Crochet hook, size 5 mm (US H 8)
Ear wires,
Lanyard hooks, or jump rings
Chain or a shoelace
Beads or buttons
Darning needle



Jute twine, use a 5 mm hook

Crochet cotton, use a size 2 hook, and 2 strands of cotton

100% cotton worsted, use a 5 mm hook

Knitting worsted yarns of any kind, use a 5 mm hook

Household twine, use a 5 mm hook

Make the medallions with just about any type of yarn or fiber.

1.  Chain 3.

2.  Make 12 double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook.  Slip stitch to join to the first double crochet, and fasten off.

3.  Weave the yarn ends into the finished work.

4.  Stitch beads, or buttons as desired on the medallions.

5.  Attach jump rings, or lanyard hooks to the tops (you determine the tops), of the medallions, and attach to ear-wires, or string onto a chain, or a shoelace.  The shoelace can be tied in a permanent position if it is long enough to go over your head, or tied short each time you wear it, as a choker.

See the photos for a variety of yarns and designs.




  1. Danyell Washington says

    That project is really cool. 🙂

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