Creating Scrapbooking Brag Books

Creating Scrapbooking Brag Books

What better gift than a brag book for grandma and grandpa? Over the years, I know that my parents have always appreciated photos that have been shared with them of all of their grandchildren.

What you need

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As parents, we love attending plays, dance recitals, choral performances and graduations, whether from preschool, elementary school or high school. Grandparents are not always in town or available to attend these events. They too enjoy sharing in the pride of these days.

I believe 6 x 6 albums work great to create these brag books. Often a dozen photos are all you need to complete an album.

So what themes can you use for these brag books?

If you have a toddler, here are some thought starters for albums:

– A day at preschool

– A day at swim lessons

– A day at the park

– A trip to the zoo

For elementary age children often the children are involved in one of many activities:

– Soccer games

– Baseball games

– Ballet lessons

– Gymnastics

Snap some photos. Again, just a dozen will do of your children participating in any of these activities. Both of my kids attended elementary schools that had many photo opportunities. The kids did class presentations. They performed with the music teacher once a year. They did some type of play or presentation once a year. They had a jog-a-thon once a year. We had just tons and tons of school activities where photos could be taken.

When the kids are high school age, often they too are involved in either chorus or theater or band or sports. I know one mom who created one large album from each football year her son participated in. A mini album from one game would be wonderful. Again, there are so many opportunities for a dozen photos to put into a brag book.

I’ve also always included a school photo in the scrapbooks. Usually a wallet sized photo on the front page of the scrapbook with the year the photo was taken is a great addition to the scrapbook.

Mini albums do not have room for many embellishments, but you can certainly add stickers and a few diecuts to dress up the pages of your brag book.

Try creating a brag book and see if grandma and grandpa’s faces don’t light up with joy!!

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