Cow Milk Bottle

Cow Milk Bottle

Convert an old milk bottle into a vintage style with this paint idea

What you need

One old milk bottle
Tracing paper
Graphite paper
Masking tape
Off-white or white flat (Latex) wall paint.
Old toothbrush for spattering
2″ foam brushes
Clear gloss glaze


Download the cow on wreath pattern.

DecoArt-American Acrylic Paints:


Antique White Light Buttermilk

Soft Black Black

Country Red Rookwood Red

Gooseberry Pink


Forest Green Black Forest Green

Olive Green Burnt Umber

Tomato Red Black Plum

Antique White
DecoArt-Americana- Dazzling Metallics:

Emperor’s gold

Jar preparation: Using the 2″ foam brush, base coat the jar with the flat wall paint. Allow to dry for at least eight hours, then apply a second coat of wall paint. This will dry much faster than the first coat.

If desired, use a hair dryer to help speed up this process. When dry, apply one or two coats more of the flat wall paint. When this is completely dry you need to base coat the bottle with Antique White.

Transfer the design onto the bottle. Base coat the cow body with Light Buttermilk. Black spots are painted in with Soft Black.

The heart is base coated in with Country Red and shaded around the edges with Rookwood Red.

Cow udders: base coat with Gooseberry pink.

Add lines of soft black and Light Buttermilk to bottom of cow tail.

If you don’t want to put the wreath on him, now is the time to spatter with an old tooth brush. Spatter first with Light Buttermilk and then spatter again with Soft Black.

Float or don’t float, Burnt Umber all around outside of cow for dimension!

Wreath directions:

Base coat in holly leaves with Forest Green. Highlight one side of each leaf with Olive green. Shade other side of leaf with Black Forest Green. Add vein line in each leaf with Black Forest Green.

Holly berries, base coat with Tomato Red. Outline with Black Plum and then highlight each with light buttermilk.

Band around cows neck, base coat with Antique White, shade around berries and leaves with Burnt Umber.

Cow Bell: base coat with Emperor’s Gold. Shade around edges with Burnt Umber.

To finish: with a foam brush apply the Delta perm-enamel Clear Gloss Glaze.

Allow to dry. Add a raffia bow or leave plain!

Cow on Bottle Closeup

This Craft Project was submitted by Cindy Trombley copyright 2001 from Painting on Jars


  1. Wow, what a cute idea! The glass jar is great-I could see it in a kitchen to keep utensils like all my wooden spoons.

  2. WhiteHorse says


    gr8 idea xxx

  3. Wow! I had so much fun with this project! I used Baking Paper instead of tracing paper and mine turned out way good!

  4. LOVE IT so cute if you dont have the time then dont due crafts, I think its woinderful

  5. Its really cute, but I think it would be really time consuming

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