Cork Hanging

Cork Hanging

In some simple steps, make a cork hanging to show off your favorite pictures.

What you need

Cork board (I cut it into 6″ squares)
Old buttons (I used shank buttons)
About 1 yd. of string
A snapshot photo or picture


1. I drilled holes into the corkboard about 3/8″ apart to give a decorative touch. You will at least need to drill holes in the top corners for the string & buttons.

2. Crop the picture to fit or to your liking.

3. Glue the picture to the corkboard.

4. Thread the string into the top corners going from the back to the front.

5. Put the string through the buttons.

6. Take the string back through the hole in the corkboard.

7. Push the button into the hole to secure it.

8. Tie the string to finish the ends.

This project was contributed by Tricia L. Shafer.

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