Cookie Counting Tin

Cookie Counting Tin

This recycled kids craft project shows you how to make a cookie counting tin for learning.

What you need

Metal Cookie Tin
Printer and laminator for cookies
Spray paint
Optional Stickers


Start by taking your recycled cookie tin and spray painting and decorating it.

Cookie Jar Transformed

This tin was sprayed black and adorned with scrapbooking stickers.

The cookies are printed out on paper, cut out and laminated.

Cookies Printed

Let your child count the cookies and/or match them up.

You can add more cookies or even plain cookies and have your child draw some cookies for extra activities.


  1. I have seen these tins all over the place, in thrift stores and garage sales,and I would always reflect, “how cute”, I just never thought about redoing them. I would not buy them because they were just too advertised. Now with this idea I will be making a collection for the holiday gift giving. Thanks!

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