Classroom Frogs Activity (With Poems)

Classroom Frogs Activity (With Poems)

This activity involves the telling of frog poems then the making of lily pads by the children. Dress the kids as frogs before they jump from lily pad to lily pad.

What you need

Green cardboard
Crepe paper
Green garbage bags


Cut some Lilly pads about 10 ( leaf shapes) out of the green cardboard and have the children decorate 5 of the pads by gluing on scrunched up green crepe paper.

While the children are decorating the lily pads place the remaining 5 out on the floor, stick them to the floor with a little sticky tape and place them a child’s jump width apart.

Take the garbage bags and cut some head holes into them. Place them over the head of each child, and have them croak and crouch like frogs. Once you have created a croaking choir, get the children to take turns croaking from lily pad to lily pad.

We have included several frog and tadpole poems to add to your classroom either by posters, handouts or just for telling the kids.

The frog

A little frog sat on a log
And said “nobody cares about me”
A duck came along
And said “you are wrong”
And gobbled him up for tea

Jimmy and James

Jimmy is a tadpole
A playful little bloke
James is twelve weeks older
And my, how he can croak!

The Tadpole

My Tail is shorter
My legs are longer
When I’m a frog
I’ll be much stronger


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