Christmas Snowman Sewing Pattern

Christmas Snowman Sewing Pattern

This free sewing project shows you how to create an adorable Snowman cushion. It is perfect for snuggling up next to whilst you sing Christmas carols or use it for a decoration or Christmas gift.

What you need

1/2 meter of polar fleece in white and a small amount of contrast for hat and scarf
Small amount of toy filling or wadding.
Orange and black felt (small pieces)
If you wish to decorate your hat with holly you will need scraps of red and black felt also
White Pom Pom
Sewing supplies
Craft Glue


Start by printing off the snowman pattern.

Cut out a oval shape in white. I made mine 46 cm in length and 35cm wide.

Now cut out the hat in contrast , make it longer than needed so you can turn the bottom over to make a turn up edge. The scarf is made like a tube then turned right side out.  The ends are fringed by cutting strips .

Sew your body together leaving a gap down one side for turning right way out.

Once you have filled him ( make sure it is nice and firm) you can sew him closed.

Sew the hat and turn the bottom edge over to form a cuff for the beanie. Sit it onto the head and stitch into place.

Make your scarf and then stitch into place.

Now cut your pieces out for the buttons eyes and nose using the pattern. The nose is a small cone shape filled with toy filling to make it stick out.  It is stitched to the face section.

The buttons are circles cut out and stitched in place I have used white embroidery thread to make the cross on each one . The mouth is just a thin strip of black felt stitched into place.

If you want to engage your child in the project the finishing off decorations can be glued on to create the character.

Don’t forget the Pom Pom.

That’s it – finished. Have a nice Christmas!


  1. Karen M Helton says

    It’s a wonderful idea! I might do them this Christmas for the grandchildren, make them a little larger as travel pillows since they will be on the road this Christmas!

  2. What a great project to get kids sewing, especially since imperfections will make the snowman even more charming!

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