Christmas Night Sky on a Bottle

Christmas Night Sky on a Bottle

Christmas is just around the corner and my hands are itching with the desire to make something Christmas-sy. Instead of diving head first into the gold-red-green splashy decorations, I decided to make something simpler, something with vintage which I can naturally brag about. This is a very simple DIY project for crafty girls who love Christmas Eve and starry night sky. You can paint it on a bottle and snuggle in front of the fireplace to enjoy the romantic lighting.

What you need

One large bottle (you can try big mason jar, too);
A set old fairy lights (the string you have been planning to replace with a new one for several years will do just fine);
Blue acrylic paint;
Black paint – preferably spray paint but acrylic should work fine, too;
Sharpie pen – black;
One small iron candle or plant holder (depending on your jar’s/ bottle’s size) – actually anything you have that can support the project will be perfect.


painted bottle

Paint the entire exterior of the bottle with the blue paint. Depending on the quality of your acrylic paint, you will have to add two or three coats until it’s fully covered.

Don’t forget to let dry in between, or you might either get acrylic paint on your hands or worse ruin the foundation for further work on the Christmas Painted Bottle Project.

Note: Don’t forget to cover your working surface with either old newspapers or with an old sheet.

Blue & black painted bottle

Spray two or three layers black paint at the bottleneck and work your way a little bit upwards just like shown in the picture. Once again let it dry for 10 minutes before you add a new coat.

decorated big bottle

Once the paint is dry use the sharpie pen to draw the Christmas trees or any other pictures you light like. Personally, I keep thinking ornamental drawings would also make pretty neat decoration.

fairy lights, twinkle lights

Fairy/ twinkle lights

Before you jam your twinkle lights in the bottle make sure to check if they work properly. I left mine on for 5 mins just to be on the safe side as they have been gathering dust at the attic for a couple of years.

bottle filled with fairy lights

Don’t forget to leave enough electrical cord out, so you can place the bottle on the plant holder and plug it in effortlessly.

That’s about it, now all you have to do is dim the lights in the room. Have fun!

Before and after

Before and after

bottle filled with twikle lights

Ta-Da – the finished project!

This project was originally conceived by Robin Tompkins. Check out more of her projects on her blog here. Thank you Robin!


  1. Great idea but could also use a smaller clear glass Column vase and turn upside down also could use the small battery operated lights instead of electrical corded lights.. which gives endless options for displaying

  2. This is like the coolest thing i have seen in a long time! Bravo!

  3. It’s beautiful! This would make an awesone gift! Thanks so much for sharing your directions.

  4. Elizabeth Hamlin says

    Was wondering if you painted with white acrylic for the snow effect on the trees.

  5. great idea. Why can’t I print out directions?

  6. Judy Bradley says

    This is beautiful and I hope I can create one as nice! Thanks!

  7. Wow this is just an awesome craft! I love making things and being creative also and this just gives me so many ideas that I’m about to burst! Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s well after Christmas, but I have tons of jars I saved for a Xmas craft that never happened (my sister and I invent a table gift for each family member every year for xmas). If I start now, it will happen. You have inspired me!

  8. Beautiful idea, and a fantastic way to deal with the usual cord coming out of the top of the bottle thing!

  9. Kira Spellman says

    Oh, i LOVE this! I didn’t see it in time for Christmas, but it is going to be winter for some time. A thought came to me, that if you did decide to use a battery light (assuming you could fit it into whatever bottleneck you decided to use, maybe you could scratch tiny holes out of the paint that makes the sky, the light inside would shine through the clear small holes and appear like stars. As far as paint chipping, I’m sure a paint sealer would definitely aid in this, right?

  10. My child and I would love to make this project at my daughter’s birthday party although instead of having to buy each kid lights to use, can there be a replacement for lights? Please give any suggestions as soon as possible!

  11. Love it Robin!!

  12. Beth Gingery says

    I will try this with my 11 yr old granddaughter she is very crafty and will love making this. She will love making these for Christmas gifts.. Thanks so much love it.

    • She should like this very much, Beth. I was actually going to do a sunset with an old ship on water scene but my 10 year old son suggested a night time scene. This post was originally called “Starry Night Light”. So this was equally his idea too! We also made candy cane bouquets and Christmas pens for his teachers. I hope you enjoy this craft together. It will be so much fun!

  13. Love it,you are so crafty,this may sound dumb(I’m sure it is) the trees are drawn outside of the jar?This is done so well it looks like your trees were drawn inside of the

  14. I just love this. You are a true genius. Got to run out and find a bottle. Thank-you for your crafts.

    • Thank you, Cynthia! I hope you find one. If not, maybe use a large (restaurant size) glass jar and keep the lid on it, but drill a hole through the lid for the cord? A slightly larger plant holder may be needed though. It may be hard to get one in glass too, as restaurant size jars are usually in plastic now. I really hope you can find something to use.

  15. What a lovely Christmas craft. Shall certainly give this a try. Thank you.


  17. if you have no drawing skills can use stencils? I can not draw stick people!!! 🙁

  18. I noticed someone worried about the lights getting to hot. I have made wine bottles with lights inside & they do fell warm but not hot enough to burn anything & I leave mine plugged in all the time on top of my fridg, it’s been there plugged in for 3 yrs now with no problems.
    Just love the bottle project & i’m going to try it with my wine bottles too. Thanks

  19. Looks Fabulous! How you keep the fairy lights all around the bottle? Cause once you turn it, all will come down.

    • Maybe you could wrap jewelry wire along the cord so it stays up? Just an idea!

    • redoityourselfinspirations says

      The bulbs and wiring do actually stay put. The string of lights are enough to fill the bottle and rest once situated where you want to place it. You don’t want to plug the opening, as the heat needs to escape. Rhianna’s idea of wiring is good, if the weight of your lights do slip out. 🙂

  20. Spiderbaby says

    That looks amazing – I must make one with my girls! Just got to trawl the charity shops to find a bottle and stand. It just looks so Christmassy, absolutely beautiful! XXX

  21. I noticed that in the picture you used a latex enamel paint for the first blue layer. Will acrylics actually work? I would hate to start the project and be disappointed! 🙁 It’s beautiful and I want to make it!!!

    • redoityourselfinspirations says

      Any paint that will adhere to the glass will work. Some acrylics do tend to peel or chip off, you may want to check the paint labels to be certain before trying it.

  22. Love this project. I have a bottle just like this looking for the right thing to do with it. Where did you get the holder/stand?

    • redoityourselfinspirations says

      The plant holder can be found at many garden centers, craft and department stores. I had this one for some time from Walmart in the floral and decor department.

  23. I like it very much. Thank you!

  24. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! Love it!! Also, if you’re worried about your lights being too hot, they have new LED light strings that do not get hot..I bought a small set for my Halloween tree this year. I don’t know how different the light would look though, as LED’s tend to be a different color than regular lights. Just a thought!

    • redoityourselfinspirations says

      Thank you, Anna. Using the string of lights, the bottle DOES get warm, but not too hot. I wouldn’t leave this or even a Christmas tree plugged in unattended. LED light strings are a great idea too and you are right, it could appear a bit different but worth trying 🙂

  25. I love it

  26. Very nice and interesting project and easy to do.

  27. Great idea

  28. The project looks very nice. And Interesting since I have exactly that type of bottle stored away “to use one day in a craft project” I was only wondering about the heat factor of the lights inside the bottle. Will they affect the bottle at all, when they come in contact with the glass? Just wanna be safe rather than sorry….

    • redoityourselfinspirations says

      Absolutely use caution as with any electrical product. Using the string of lights, the bottle DOES get warm, but not too hot. Keeping the bottom opened allows the heat to escape. I tested this for several hours before unplugging it. It was a gift for my mom, and she kept it lit all Christmas Eve while we were visiting. I wouldn’t leave this or even a Christmas tree plugged in unattended.

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