Christmas Card – Santa On The Roof

Christmas Card – Santa On The Roof

This is a very easy card to make at the very last minute when you have to send out that last Christmas card.

What you need

5 x 7 white greeting card with envelope
4.5 x 6.5 red paper
1 x 6.5 black strip of paper
1.5 x 2 black strip of paper for the chimney
Yellow paper cut into the shape of the moon
Santa embellishment with little stars
Black ink pad
Christmas stamp


To get started, this is what you do. Begin by gluing the red paper onto the greeting card.

Next, glue the 2 pieces of black paper on the bottom, one for the roof and the other for the chimney.

Now, glue the yellow moon in the top left hand side corner.

Place your Santa on the roof and the little stars anywhere in the sky.

And last, put your Christmas stamp on the top right hand side corner.


  1. Very cute!! I love this card, I am so making some of these for Christmas Cards next year.

  2. This card is so cute, and such a good idea!!

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