Christmas Bunting

Christmas Bunting

This Christmas craft project is a great activity for all ages and be as simple or as complicated as you like

What you need

Card Stock


To make the bases you will need 6 pieces of card stock 6 inch x 6 inch.

Cover 3 of these with felt squares that are 8 inch x 8 inch and secure the felt to the back of the card with some craft glue.

Then finish it off by covering the back with the extra square of card to hide the felt edge.

For the front decorations cut out basic tree, snowman etc and secure to the cards.

You can use coloring books, clip-art or online images for stencils.

Glue the 3 bases together with craft glue and then glue the ribbon onto the back and hang.


  1. cute!

  2. This is a very cute Christmas craft, could be hung from your fireplace mantle, like garland!

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