Make A Choir Girl For Christmas Decoration

Make A Choir Girl For Christmas Decoration

Learn to use a Styrofoam ball to make a choir girl for your Christmas decorations

What you need

3 inch Styrofoam Ball
Wiggle eyes or Paint
White pom pom


Make the styrofoam ball into a girls face. Add yarn or dolls hair for the hair.

Add wiggle eyes, a pink mouth and so on.

Use your artistic talents and see what you come up with.

On the picture we painted our girl using acrylic paints for the cheeks, eyes, nose and lashes.

Using the red felt, cut it into a cone then into a Santa’s hat. Glue on the pom pom.

Make sure you glue the seam of the hat onto the back of the head so it can not be seen.

To make it into a tree decoration simply add a little cord to the back to hang it with.


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