Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Bouquet

OK so guess what mum is getting for Mother's Day? You guessed it! A chocolate bouquet. Perfect for Valentine's Day as well.

What you need

Ferrero rocher Chocolates or Similar
Gold Tissue Paper
Cardboard Box
Stick Tape
Gold Ribbon


For this project I used Ferrero rocher Chocolates, but you could use any type of chocolate that’s small enough to push onto the skewer.

Start by choosing a bottom box, you could use a basket filled with oasis or thick paper, firm enough to support the heavy skewers.

Push a room temperature chocolate onto the skewer and push into the oasis.

Take a 20 x 20 cm square of tissue paper and push onto the skewer.

Pull the paper all to one end and then twist and secure at the bottom with sticky tape.

Randomly push the chocolate skewers into the box and then push the tissue paper skewers in between the chocolates.

Finish the bouquet off with a big bow.



  1. I think it was very hard 2 do, but I got there in the end:)

  2. plan to make this for my secret pal in february

  3. Soo cool Love the site!!!!

  4. Very nicely explained. Makes it much easier. Definately looking ahead to try this soon.

  5. This is a super cute idea…. I am going to try it this year!

  6. wow this is a good idea!:p

  7. thats is so cute:D i cant wait to try to make it. maybe ill make it for my boy friend, rodrigo for valentines day. He LUVS chocolate, especially fererro rocher:P

  8. Lovely idea, I made one as a birthday gift and it looked absoulutley incredible!!! thank you very very very very very much!

  9. How cute! This would be a great little gift for just about any reason. I think I may have to try this one!

  10. pink_monkey says

    This is a great idea

    you know what would like really affective .. ferrero rocher in white chocolate flavour with red tissue paper..

    im going to try it too, maybe you could super glue the bottom of the paper to the stick if ur worried about hygiene

  11. pinky_girl says


  12. I love this idea. Mom’s definitely getting one of these this year. I do agree it needs a little red or brown though. Still BRILLIANT idea.

  13. A little too gold – it needs some deep red or choclate brown to ground it. Otherwise a nice idea. I can see myself experimenting with this one – very glam tho 🙂

  14. great!

  15. I saw this at my florist they were $90.00 and not half as nice.
    What unsanitary about them ? your not poking a dirty stick in them or handling the chocolate unwrapped. Lighten up people!!!

  16. wow what a great gift for someone and everyone can get hold of frerro rochi

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