Make Your Own Chair Cover

Make Your Own Chair Cover

Ever wanted to make your own chair covers but didn't know how? Learn the steps in this project.

What you need

3 yards (2.8 m) of ribbon


Start by measuring the chair from the floor at the front to the back of the seat, up the back and down to the floor.

Add around 5.5 inches (14 cm) to the length for hems. This will tell you how much fabric you need.

Measure the width of the seat to see how wide your piece has to be. Hem both long edges of the fabric and then iron flat.

Place the fabric on the chair and center it so its sits nicely at the front and back and pin it ready to hem.

Mark the back of the chair with the seat of the chair to see where the tie backs will be sewn on. You will need two tie backs on the front piece and two on the back piece, as shown in picture.

Sew the ribbon to the four marked spots for your tie back.

And you’re done!


  1. Cute and a nice idea.

    (doesnt look fantastic in the pic though)

  2. DavesWifey! says

    Im actually making these out of cotton for my wedding and adding big bows to the back saves time and money on making full chair covers and still looks affective! thanks

  3. I used this project to make covers for my kids’ chairs. I only covered the back side, so I saved on fabric and they still look really cute! Another idea would be to add a pocket to the backside of the chair.

  4. I like this idea. Its an inexpensive way to give old chairs a new look. I will be doing this, but also adding fabric crossways so that the wooden pieces of my chair aren’t visable. Also I will be sewing the fabric together so it will last. 🙂 great idea!

  5. hello, an idea place to by yards of fabric is at walmart in the dollor section of all thickness and textures

  6. This project would be really nice for a room in your household, but let’s face it, not many people have enough money to cover a lot of chairs with fabric!!!

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