CD Sun-Catcher

CD Sun-Catcher

Use an old CD to create a sun-catcher to hang in the yard or in the car.

What you need

1 CD
Variety of beads
Fishing line


Take your fishing line around 1 yard (1 mt) in length and fold it in half. Take the folded end through the CD hole and slip the loose ends through it to form a slip knot over the CD. The CD will form the bottom anchor for the sun-catcher.

Bring both ends of the line to one side of the CD. Thread the beads you have chosen over both ends of the fishing line.

When you get half way, thread on your crystal or glass bead. This will give the project a central focal point.

Continue threading your beads until you get to the top of the fishing line. Secure with a knot and affix a loop for hanging. You can either make a loop out of the fishing line or attach a metal ring to hang it up with.

Hang it outside to catch some sun reflections.


  1. I like this there was a time you were sent cd’s to download on your computer from different sites like AOL etc. these if you saved them ..would be very useful for this project…

  2. What a wonderful idea to recycle CD’s

  3. i like this project but it needs to be more specific on how to do it. I like the curtain idea more

  4. i did something similar to this before, i used several long pieces of fishing line about 4 feet a piece and glued 2 cds together on the printed side with a piece of fishing line bewteen them, then strung some crystal beads, then glued 2 more cds together and continued till the end of the fishing line then hung them all in my window to make like a curtain and its beautiful wen the sun shines through it makes rainbows all over the walls.

  5. I live in Arizona and love wind chimes and wind catchers, and I will add these to my collection. I’m also going to make some of these for my dad to keep the birds out of his garden. UV does deteriorate fishing line – just something to keep in mind.

  6. I made similar with my Afterschool care program.We put glitter over the writing side of the dvd so as it spun it was even prettier!

  7. I did this project with my pre-k classroom and the kids loved it!

  8. i didnt make them but i liked the idea it seems the sort of thing i would be able to relax after a stressful day even tho im still in high school.

  9. This is definately a project that is crafting for the sake of crafting. Tacky.

  10. Have lots of unusable CD’s now know what to do with them

  11. beautiful-beads says

    AWSOME!!! it’s great coz all craft lovers have these things around the house…good work!

  12. Very easy craft and if you take the time to do it right, it is a very pretty. Also, it is a great way to recycle!

  13. Easy and nice, perfect for playing wiht children!

  14. I love this idea. i’ve got the hannah montana soundtrack and they have pictures standing in front of a whole row of these.

  15. microwave the cd’s for a short amount of time first. it cracks the cd, and looks amazing. colored cd’s look cool too

  16. great idea for all those cds we get in the mail! I needed an idea to recycle them, thank you!

  17. If you have a severely mean neighbor, these work wonders!! I snag the lonely AOHELL cds from the counter at our local Post Office.

  18. kind of cool..could maybe decorate the “label” side with pint or more beads…whatever. I wonder if glass paint was used on the shiny side if that would enhance or take away from the effects of the sun? Definitely worht playing with..hng bunch in a windo

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