Cat Ballet Shoes

Cat Ballet Shoes

Customize your ballet shoes to make them look like a cat. Purrfect for Halloween!

What you need

-1 pair ballet flats
-old tee shirt
-glue gun
-sharpie marker
-2 foam or felt hearts
-nail polish or fabric paint


Draw one cat eye on your colored fabric with chalk or white eyeliner.

Cut with scissors and use as a pattern guide. Pin to colored fabric, trace and repeat 3 times.

You should now have 4 cat eyes. Cut a triangle from felt and use the same technique as before with the eyes.

You should now have 4 triangles for ears. Outline the eyes with a sharpie marker and create a slit pupil.

Cut 6 pieces of wire, all the same size. Glue 3 wires on each shoe and place a heart foam over center wire for the whiskers and nose.

Make 3 dots with fabric paint for the cheeks. Glue on eyes, trying to make both even as possible.

Apply hot glue to bottom of triangle and glue to top of shoe.

After glue has dried, apply glue to other side of triangle at the bottom. This will add support making ears perky vs floppy.

All done!

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