Busy Bee Drink Cozy

Busy Bee Drink Cozy

Create a drink can cozy reader for your next party. Perfect for busy bees!

What you need

3 pieces of black ribbon 10½ inches long
2 pieces of sparkly ribbon 6 inches long
2 jewels (any color)
1 elastic hair tie


Wrap the ribbon around the cozy and glue onto the foam over lapping the ribbon.

Repeat this until you have 3 stripes where you like them. You can space them close together or farther apart.

Glue the sparkly ribbon in between the ribbons on the colored part of the cozy on each side to make the wings.

Create the eyes by gluing the jewels onto the front of the cozy spacing them out just right.

Cut the hair tie into 2 equal halves. On the inside of the cozy behind each jewel, glue each antennae.

Insert your can and never lose your drink at a gathering again!

Busy Bee Drink Cozy Pattern

Busy Bee Drink Cozy Pattern

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