Bracelet – Rustic Crochet & Beads

Bracelet – Rustic Crochet & Beads

These bracelets are rustic with old world charm. Add wood beads for a natural look or bling it up with some glass beads.

What you need

Crochet Hook
Crochet yarn, string or cotton


If using crochet cotton, use a metal crochet hook, size 2 mm. If using yarn, use a 5 mm crochet hook (US H8)

1.  Thread the crochet cotton, or the yarn into a large needle. The needle must  be small enough for the beads to pass through. Whether using yarn, or crochet cotton, do not cut the yarn from the ball, work with the end of the yarn, still attached to the ball, and  move  the beads along. (There is no way to predict how much yarn you will be  needing, but have at least 6 feet long).

2.  Thread beads onto the thread or yarn.  There is no right or wrong number. This project used 30 small beads for the black bracelet, and 20 wood beads for the natural color bracelet. See figure 1 and figure 2.




3.  Chain 3, push a bead up to the crochet hook, and chain 3 again.  You will be working around the beads, and they will automatically be enclosed within the chain. See figure 3.

4.  Repeat row 3, until you run out of beads. For these bracelets, the black bracelet wraps around the wrist twice, and the wood bead bracelet wraps around 3 times.

Experiment with different color yarns, and different color beads!


Also, you can make these into necklaces by adding a closure.

(Make it long enough for a necklace, and it can double as a bracelet!)

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  1. This is simple yet really effective – I like !!

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