Bling Bling Plastic Bangle

Bling Bling Plastic Bangle

This plastic bangle craft project is a fun way to bling bling a inexpensive store bought bangle and is a fun project for young girls.

What you need

Plastic bangle
Clear double sided tape
seed beads


Take your bangle and lay the double sided tape around it. Press the tape onto it firmly.

Peel off the top layer of paper from the tape so that the bangle is now sticky. Press some sequins onto the bangle then dip it into the seed beads till the bangle is completely covered.

For stronger durability coat the bangle with some spray varnish.


  1. it was awsome

  2. i really disliked the results of this project at least for someone my age. mabey a kid would like it?

  3. that is so nice craft… i want to try it..

  4. i loved it

  5. IzzieListening says

    Full marks! P.S. u could use all those nail-jewellery stickers and stick it on to it. But i suggest replace tape with glue. better adhesion.

  6. wouldn’t the beads and sequins hurt and/or come off

  7. I wanna try this!

  8. ….wow how creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. pretty good.

  10. How adorable! this would be nice for little girls who are into matching their outfits and such! Super craft!

  11. Love this! Super easy and my BFF’s can all have one to reflect their own personal style!

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