Believe In The Easter Bunny Sign

Believe In The Easter Bunny Sign

This tutorial shows you how to make a sweet Easter Believe Sign. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? If not, this sign will have you believing in no time!

What you need

Believe cut out by Kaiser
Pink, yellow,green paints
Sticky dots
Store Bought Easter Bunny Headband



For this project you will need the Believe Cut out sign from Kaiser Craft. Alternatively you can cut it out of Cardstock.


Start by giving each section a base coat. We went for bright spring colors in our design.


Use the sticky dots to create a Polka dot letter. Once touch dry gently peel off the stickers.


We carried on painting the letter and allow it to dry.

I used a store bought Easter Bunny head band to create the Bunny Ears. I simply cut them away from the headband and glued them into position. You could use felt or cardstock if you prefer.


And your welcome sign for the Easter bunny is now ready!


  1. I love most things they do ,keep up god work Thanks’ so much Have happy Easter,,….

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