Bean Picture Frame

Bean Picture Frame

This picture frame looks great in any setting especially in the kitchen. You can use lentils or dried beans for this project.

What you need

Dried lentils or beans
Plastic or wooden photo frame
White glue


Try making different designs using contrasting colors of beans and lentils or stick to a simple design by covering the frame in one type of bean.

How to Begin:

First check over your beans or lentils to remove any broken ones or odd colors.

You can use a recycled frame that is slightly broken or a inexpensive new frame in either wood, ceramic or plastic.

Depending on the frame you have chosen to use it may need a base coat of paint to seal up any visible damage.

If you are using a new frame or a plastic frame you do not need to paint it.

Start by working one small section at a time.

As trying to work a large area would cause the glue to dry faster then you could possibly work.

Paint a small area on the frame with a thick coat of white wood glue. Press the lentils or beans into the glue until the area is well covered. Keep working in small sections until all the frame is complete.

If you are making designs with your lentils and beans e.g. stripes ,squares or shapes then draw the design onto the frame with a pencil or chalk for a guideline. Work each color section separately and allow it to dry before the next color of beans is applied.

Once all your beans are glued on, allow the project a few hours to dry firmly then coat with white wood glue several times allowing it to dry between each coat. This helps secure the beans and seal the beans to prevent them being eaten by curious bugs.

Once all your glue layers have dried you can then spray the project or coat the project with a clear gloss varnish to give it a quality finish.


  1. I could adapt this by letting my son stick different textured materials (fuzzy balls, coloured paper, strips of cloth, etc.) on the frame.

  2. Looks fun; something neat to keep the kids busy:)

  3. Goooooooood

  4. macaroni noodles also work well on this project, they can also be painted to personalize

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