Beaded Pin Ornament

Beaded Pin Ornament

An easy group/needle craft that is fun to make with kids

What you need

Polystyrene ball (Smaller is Better)
Pins With Heads (40 to 50)
Beads (Small to Medium)
Glue (Optional)
Clear Beading String (To Hang)
Needle (To Hang)


Step One: Take a pin and thread about three or four beads on it.

Step Two: Stick the pin into the polystyrene ball. Keeping about 5mm between each pin.

Step Three: Repeat steps one and two. Until desired amount of pins is on the ball.

Step Four: To hang finished ornament. Thread clear beading string through a needle tying the string to keep in place. Stick the needle into the polystyrene ball and hang.

Note: You can dip the end of the pin into glue to make the pin stay in place more securely.


  1. Love this project! I remember my mom making these in the 70s, and they have become treasured keepsakes. She also used sequins (with short pins) and thin ribbons to decorate larger balls, as well as pearl head pins to make patterns. A bit more labor intensive, but well worth the effort! Give it a try- you may get hooked as I did. –Kissy–

  2. ilove it.i like making book marks for extra money and these are good for me,thank you for sharing.nettiel

  3. looks cool!

  4. thats cute!

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