Beaded Dragonfly

Beaded Dragonfly

This beaded craft project shows you how to make a very simple beaded dragonfly.

What you need

5 small beads
2 large beads
Netting, tulle or organza


Cut two lengths of wire, 1 length at 20″ and 1 at 10″

Take the 20″ piece and twist both the ends together to form a circle. At 1/3 of the length of the circle twist the circle together to make a figure 8. Now fold each of those circles to form more figure 8’s until you have 4 loops/wings.

Shape the wings by pushing the two large loops together and then the smaller ones. Twist them all together to form the wings. Cover the wings with netting by running a small bead of glue around the wire and attaching the netting. Once it has dried trim off any excess netting around the shape so the edges are neat.

To make the body
Fold the 10″ wire in half and thread the beads onto the wire starting with the 3 small beads. Then thread the larger beads on as they form the dragonfly’s body. Split the two ends of wire and thread a small bead onto each strand to form the antenna. Secure them into place with craft glue. Curl the remaining wire into a curly antenna top.

Complete the dragonfly by gluing the wings onto the body and cover the join with a rhinestone.


  1. What do they look like? I didn’t see a picture.

  2. wow

  3. Going to do this with my students as a craft addition to our Pond-animal excercise! This is going to be a hit, Im worried about the use if the craft glue, wondering if the wings could be wrapped around the body instead of glued? & Im hoping to add legs,(since all insects have 6 legs and thats part of my lesson!!!)

  4. awesome
    fun to make
    goes with my bedroom
    all my friends want one

  5. Awesome! Just what I was looking for. Thank you huge!

  6. Very, very whimsical!!
    The dragonflies look like they’re going to fly off the screen!

    Thanks for the wonderful project. One question: how do i use them??

    🙂 🙂

  7. This website rox!!!!!!!!!!! This project is so cool! I’m going to have to make some for christmas presents. Did I mention that this website rox? It is awesome

  8. I love this. Great for older kids in after-school program.

  9. great project to make with my grandaughter

  10. its so cute1 thanx

  11. very cute craft with easy to follow directions. thanks for sharing

  12. you could glue a magnet to the other side and turn them into cute little magnets 🙂

  13. awesome!
    really cute.

  14. just made one 🙂

  15. if i could give ten stars, i would. Keep it up!

  16. This is a really cool craft!!

  17. Love the pictures! I really like the way this piece looks so finished and professional when it’s done.

  18. cool

  19. love it!

  20. I can’t wait to go get this one done! Thanks for good directions and visuals.

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