Bath Muffins/Cupcakes – Basic

Bath Muffins/Cupcakes – Basic

This recipe is for bath muffins or fairy cakes. You can embellish your simple muffins with sprinkles, 100 and 1000's or even chocolate drops. It makes 5 medium sized muffins.

What you need

1 1/2 cups of Baking soda or Bicarbonate of Soda
1/2 cup of Citric acid
2 tsp of Almond Oil or Apricot kernel oil
1/2 tbs of Water
5 drops of Food coloring
10-15 drops of Fragrance oil or essential oil
Muffin Patty Cakes


Combine the dry ingredients in bowl and stir until well mixed.

Drizzle in the almond oil and stir until mixture is moistened. Add more oil and fragrance and stir until well mixed.

Then add the water.

If mixture is crumbly then add more oil or a dash of water.

Roll the mixture into a ball using your hands then press that ball into the patty cake. Use your hands to round off the top of the muffin. Add any sprinkles to the muffin at this point, gently pressing it into the wet mix.

Roll the Mixture

Roll the Mixture

Leave the muffin to dry till it is hard. It may take several days.

To Use: Add 1 muffin to the bath under running water for a lovely relaxing fun bath.


  1. Citric acid is sold for home canning tomatoes so check the canning supply area of your store for it.

  2. i hate to admit that these were ugly when i first saw them and almost didnt make them but im glad i did! these turned out so well as party favours to my cupcake decorating b-day party!

  3. Citric acid you can find in the baking ailse normally.

    This is like a bath bomb, but personally when I make mine I use either with hazel distillate or if none is handy, vodka works also. Only because when you use water, you risk prematurely setting the mixture off and making it fizz before you want it to.

    Witch hazel in a spray bottle works best, or Vodka, as I said, I use this method because With hazel and Vodka both evaporate more quickly than water and the curing time is lessened.

    Hope I helped anyone,

  4. iiiii likeee it i love muffinsss

  5. Very cute…but what does it do to your bath? Does it make bubbles?

  6. I have been looking for something orginal as favors for my daughters baby shower, I think I found it. A couple of muffins and a couple cookies should be very orginal, cute and somewhat inexpensive.

  7. which part of the supermarket can you get citric acid?

  8. very very cool!!!

  9. What a neat idea!

  10. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    citric acid is NOT the same as lemon juice.

  11. Thats so cute! I’m going to make some!Is citric acid the same as lemon juice?


  13. raspberryjell-o says

    they look edible!!

  14. MissWorld says

    looks great! and very creative. I could make some as gifts! thank you so much! ^_^

  15. great idea!! exept im not really sure where to get citric acid. anyone know???

  16. Great idea. I have a mini-muffin pan to use for mold. For sprinkles think I’ll try coloring coarse epsom salts so there are no “floties” in the tub.

  17. This is excellent, I have been looking all over the web to find out how to make these myself !! Super Duper!

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