Basic Crochet Granny Square

Basic Crochet Granny Square

For beginners to crochet, this is a great project to get comfortable with. Knit this granny square for something practical.

What you need

4 ply yarn
Size G Crochet Hook


Ch 4, join with sl st to first ch to form ring.

RND 1: Ch3, 2 dc in rg. Ch 2, *3dc in rg, ch3. Repeat from * 2 times more. Ch2, slst in top of ch3.

RND 2: Sl st in the first 2 dc’s and in the first ch 2 lp. Ch3, 2 dc in ch 2 sp, ch2, work 3 dc in same sp. Work the following 3 times (Ch1, work 3 dc, ch2, 3 dc in next ch 2 lp.) Ch1, join with slst to top of ch 3.

RND 3: Sl st in the first 2 dc’s and in the first ch 2 sp. Ch 3, 2 dc in ch 2 sp, ch 2, work 3 dc in same sp. Ch 1, work 3 dc in next ch 1 sp. Ch 1. Work the following 3 times (Work 3 dc, ch2, 3 dc in next ch 2 sp. Ch 1, work 3 dc in next ch 1 sp. Ch 1.) Join with sl st to top of ch 3.


Work the next rounds exactly the same but work the following into each ch1 sp on each side of square. (Ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1). You can make your granny square as big as you want by adding RNDs. Or you can stop at 6 RNDs to make an afghan out of individual squares. You can also use a different color yarn for each RND of a square for a dazzling effect.

Changing Colors
To change colors at beginning of each rnd Fasten off after slst to top of ch3. Leave yarn about 5″ long and after square is complete, weave ends into work. Tie on new color in ch 2 lp and proceed onto the next rnd in pattern.

Finishing each square, After sl st into the top of ch 3, fasten off and either weave both ends into work or weave just the starting end into the work and leave the finishing end long to sew the squares together.


  1. A life saver!! I am a right handed crocheter, and my new Left handed daughter in law asked if I could teach her to crochet. She is very talented and watched me crochet right handed but to do it left handed was a challange until your instructions for left handers. They are so helpful and shows her a proper way. Thank You so VERY MUCH!!!! Sincerely, Diane

  2. I made this pattern by making a small baby blanket for a new baby granddaughter. Before giving it to her I entered it into a judged grange fair and won a blue ribbon. I gave her the blanket and the ribbon.

  3. neto and dandy

  4. so cute

  5. My mother is 80 years old and has be doing this for years but lost her pattern this is going to be great. Thanks alot.

  6. Great basic grannie square. After 40 years I forgot How . This brought it right back.

  7. Finally, I found what I have been looking for;easy but elegant..

  8. it doesn’t matter what they spell granny like at least you get the point, right? anyway,this is a good pattern, it’s really hard to find just basic granny squares, the ones without all the fancy edging and stuff.

  9. I think you will find Grannie is quite acceptable. Just go to and see.

  10. it’s ‘granny’

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