Baby Shower – Dirty Diaper Game

Baby Shower – Dirty Diaper Game

This baby shower game is a great way to have fun at your next baby shower.

What you need

Small print fabric
Small pins
Brown paint


The dirty diaper game can be played several ways. You can pin a diaper onto your guests and later have the guests take off the diaper and see who has the “dirty diaper”. Or you can place all the dirty diapers into a pail and have the guests pick one out.

The winner of the “dirty diaper” game may receive a small gift as a prize.

The dirty part is marked with a small spot of brown paint which is placed into 1 diaper. You will need enough diapers for each guest.

To make the baby shower dirty diaper game all you have to do is cut triangles out of fabric.

You can use any type of fabric but fabrics that fray will look better with a sewn hem. Flannelette fabric works great and does not need hemming.

Cut a (8 inch) 20 cm square and cut it into half diagonally. You should now have 2 triangles.

To make a diaper, take one of the triangles and fold it up like you would a real cloth nappy or diaper. Secure with the small safety pin.

Make sure you mark the winning diapers with the brown paint.

For a fun variation you can put a pair of cardboard legs into the diaper.


  1. Just the right info I was looking for but I thought the 8×8 was a little big so I made mine smaller. We had them made up and each guest was asked to pick one from the box as the quest of honor walked around greeting the quests. At the end of the day we had everyone check theirs to see who had the dirty diaper… turned out great.. thank you!!!

  2. so cute! the directions are kinda of iffy on how to make it

  3. Thank you guys so much this really helped me to see how eassy and cheper it is to make it my self… life savers :-}

  4. I was just at a shower that used a variation of this game. Fifteen diapers were numbered and passed around. Each diaper had something smelly inside it and the object was to guess what was in each diaper. Some examples were: relish, pepper, bbq sauce, garlic, etc. I thought it was a great game.

  5. we used this “game” for the door prize. we made our diapers from kleenex folded and pinned with a brass pin and added a cotton ball spritzed with spray cologne. the “dirty diaper’s” cotton ball had a spot of chocolate or brown mustard on the bottom so it was not visible. to play just pull out the cotton ball to reveal who had the “dirty in the diaper.”

  6. Everyone just LOVED this game

  7. We used this “game” as name tags. Just use a 1″ by 5″ piece of ribbon and stickers to spell out the name. Name should run down the length of the ribbon. Affix the diaper at the top. Finished product looks like a prize ribbon.


  9. simple easy and very understandable I think its great

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