Balloon Weights For A Baby Shower

Balloon Weights For A Baby Shower

These baby themed balloon weights are a fun way to weigh down balloons at your next party. Use decorative nappy pins that have small teddy's or duckies etc on them.

What you need

Plastic Cups
Plaster of Paris
Decorative Nappy Pins
Optional Baby Toys


Start by cutting down the plastic cups to a more suitable size, around 3 quarters is high enough.

Fill each cup with Plaster-of-Paris, using the instructions on your packet for best results as all brands vary.

Allow the plaster to begin to set before pushing in the nappy pin. Allow it to set.

You can glue on optional baby toys such as small teddy bears, rattles and more for a different effect.


  1. I love the balloon weight project.I will be making them for baby shower for my daughter-In-law.

  2. GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!

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