Layered Disposable Diaper (Nappy) Cake

Layered Disposable Diaper (Nappy) Cake

This cake uses a layered finish for a much bigger cake. If you would like a smaller cake which makes up faster try our rolled diaper cake method.

What you need

96 Disposable diapers or nappies
3 yards (3 mts) of wide 1 inch or bigger ribbon
Flowers for decoration
Cake topper
Rubber bands
2 yards (2 mts) of elastic


We also have instructions for Towel and Diaper Cakes as well as a cute little Bunny gift basket and a Diaper Stork Delivery

Start by making the base which takes 50 disposable nappies – we made ours using a tray as a base which makes it much easier to get a round finish but if you don’t have a round tray then make a cardboard base for support.

Start laying out the diapers on their sides to form a round base.

It may take 4 hands to get it nice and tightly round. There should be a small space in the middle, about 4 inches in diameter which will make this tier wider than the next.

Once your have it rounded off use half the elastic to tie it around and secure the bottom layer.

For the second tier you will need 36 diapers. This layer will need to be angled slightly to get a nice roundness. Once you have it complete again secure it with elastic.

For the top tier you will need 10 nappies. These ones will have to be angled and very tight to form a nice tight small circle. Secure with an elastic band or a piece of elastic.

Place all the tiers on top of each other.

If you are planning on moving this a lot then secure the layers with some pins, but ideally it is better to transport it in single layers and then re-construct it at its final location.

Embellish it with little flowers, ribbons and even small baby items such as dummies and rattles. We topped our cake off with a beanie baby but you can use anything that matches your theme.

These are perfect for baby showers and new mum gifts.


  1. we did this with cloth diapers (pockets) and then wrapped each tier with a receiving blanket and ribon for a more finished look it turned out great

  2. a.dor.i.ble.

  3. Very cute idea instead of just giving the mom to be a package of diaipers why not make it creatve!!!

  4. so this is something you would give at a baby shower, right?

  5. so cute!

  6. Awsome cakes made the two and the mommy to be was so very thrilled

  7. Very pleasant colour. Cloth nappies are just as bad to the environment when you soak and wash them. You just can’t wash them with only water. Thank you for sharing the beautiful decoration. Much appreciated. 🙂

  8. craftykid101 says

    its cute but, way to destroy the envirement!

  9. Did this for my SIL baby shower…looked great, and great gift for mom-to-be!!!

  10. Very very good!!
    Thanks for the Info.

  11. lillianangle says


  12. The directions are great for the crafts but wqhen I print it is very light because of the light color you use. I wish it were darker and a little larger. Thank You
    Jackie King

  13. I am totally excited about this idea!! I have a shower in a few days and another one in 8 months. These will be a major hit!! Thanks

  14. Thanks! very nice!

  15. Every other website I checked either charged for instructions or didn’t include pictures. Thank you!

  16. I have wanted to make this and was so lucky to find the directions on craftbits. The ideas are endless, thanks for the great directions!

  17. awesome

  18. love it just wat i need for mine

  19. oh i saw a store selling it and i thought it was very cute

  20. thanxs so much I’ve been trying to find instructions for this type not the rolled. And was at least 15-20 min search. Thanxs so much!!

  21. I like this idea. Better than just giving a bag of diapers.

  22. thank you! you are the bomb! appreciate your direction.

  23. Works so much better than the rolled method. You don’t have a bunch of destroyed diapers for the mom to be to use when it’s deconstructed! Thanks so much, everyone loves them!

  24. I’ve made several of these cakes in a variety of sizes for friends and relatives. They are always the hit of the baby shower!

  25. what a great idea !

  26. great idea.

  27. I saw one of these at a shower…it was rolled…never thought of the extra work a tired new Mom would have of taking apart the elastics…thanks for this one

  28. I’ve seen these before….really cute and useful gift idea.

  29. I made one of these for my daughters bay shower centerpiece using my daughters old baby blankets. Some were quite tattered but they were loved by all. I also filled them with all kinds of baby items.

  30. I like to make it this way best, so busy mothers don’t have to waste time removing all those rolled up rubber banded individual diapers. Secure is not always a good thing. I also like the flowers on this one! They look great!

  31. this is beautiful but I wonder if you put a bowl or something in the center..then you could put some smaller gifts in the middle of it..

  32. What’s the point?

  33. This is so cute and easy. I wonder is you can use decorated formula cans instead?

  34. this is the the way i want my cake to look, but i still don’t quite understand the directions. The rolled diaper looks easier. Please explain again. pictures would help. I only have two weeks before shower. And I don’t understand how to do this.

  35. My daughter and I whipped up the diaper cake in no time at all and it is beautiful!!!! We rolled yhe diapers instead of the other way.We just cant stop looking at it!

  36. this is much cuter than the average “rolled” style…great job

  37. How lovely, really well explained.

  38. I made my first using your directions. I love it. Thanks

  39. I have been making diaper cakes now for 15 years. Your cake by far is the best online instruction that I have ever seen. Great job.

  40. This is the ‘recipe’ I was looking for! All other diaper cake instructions weren’t what I wanted — this is the best! The diaper cake turned out AWESOME and the mom-to-be and every person at the shower was amazing and impressed. Do this project!

  41. Wow, I’m finding all sorts of things I like on this site. I will definately make this instead of a bunch of knitted baby caps for my two cousins who are having babies. One is having twins and the other is having a single kid. Baby boom! >_< Craft on!

  42. Environmentally this cake is an enemy!! Real nappies cost less, don’t pollute and are kinder to baby’s skin. Tots bots rule OK!!

  43. Support the cloth nappy revolution. Your ‘cakes’ are polluting our world… our babies world. By the time that baby is old enough to have babies those nappies would still be around stinking up the land.

  44. looks sloppy to me

  45. i am interested in this site

  46. Love your gift idea’s. They’re great for Baby Shower Gifts. I love the idea being able to buy something going the extra mile and turning it into that little bit extra making, it not just a gift but ” A special something”
    Awesome Thanks

  47. cute and idea! also great becasue then you can use the diapers!

  48. I found it easy to use a pizza base and then 2 different size cake pans to help me get the shapes.

  49. To put another twist on this – I bought misc baby items like nail clippers, spoons, travel size lotions, and tucked them in throughout the layers. Created “roses” out of baby washcloths – put three on the top!

  50. I like the rolled diaper cakes alot more. That is how I make them it may be more work but it is worth it.

  51. so awsome totaley cool i want to make 1 but for who ?????????

  52. I made this cake today for my niece..It turned out great!!!
    I know this is something she will LOVE!!!! 09-29-06

  53. Thank you, The instructions are great.Hope mine turns out just as nice.

  54. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    what does”mts” mean?!i love this project!

  55. I saw this diaper cake on the Carol Duvall show and I thought it was so practical and cute for a baby shower.

  56. It’s great

  57. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    very cute,but its alot of money to but that many diapers!!bery pretty

  58. Not bad…I make baby diaper cakes you can view my work at the following URL

  59. the cake is absolutely beautiful.

  60. Excellent! Love your use of colors!

  61. this is the the way i want my cake to look, but i still don’t quite understand the directions. I made one before, but i rolled each diaper. please explain again. pictures would help

  62. i love it!its a perfect baby shower gift!!!!!

  63. I think the person who said it looked sloppy was looking at the half-way done picture lower down, not the completed picture at the top. Nice job.

  64. thanks for showing me how to make this, I think it’s a fantastic gift for new mums

  65. SLoppy? Dahh Its Beautiful !

  66. cute

  67. I have been looking for this cake all. I made one years ago and everyone loved it as did I

  68. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Yes, We will be adding the Rolled Disposable Diaper Cake in the next few days

  69. I roll each diaper, secure with ribbon and then arrange them around a tall baby bottle, securing the first layer with ribbon, then the second and third and same way. I then tie on/or tuck in pacifiers, combs, bruch, nail clippers, and lotions, etc.

  70. What a great looking cake. I love the little flowers.I’ve seen them witht the baby things tucked in but I sure like this way a lot better Thank you so much

  71. I use a receiveing blanket to wrap the outside of each layer, sticking to the Mom to be’s nursery theme.

  72. this is a good idea but I use a different technique that has a more polished looking end result and still is glueless

  73. fantastic idea and it looks great! now i am french and don’t know if a diaper cake is a common thing but i like it!

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