Autumn / Fall Gnome Wreath

Autumn / Fall Gnome Wreath

This tutorial shows you how to make a Gnome Wreath perfect for the Fall season. This craft uses Dollar tree supplies.

What you need

Wreath Form or Pumpkin Witch Form

Fall Leaves 

E6000 Glue 

Hessian or Burlap Fabric

Thankful Sign

Pom Pom or ping pong ball for nose


This Craft photo was contributed by Lisa F.C. , thanks for sharing an image of your finished wreath with us Lisa.

This fall wreath is so easy to make and can be made using inexpensive supplies from the Dollar tree store or similar discount stores.

For this particular version a Pumpkin craft decoration was used, but you can use a witches form or similar depending on what your local Dollar tree store has in stock.

If you are using the pumpkin, you can work around the pumpkin part with the tinsel still on it as this will give you a solid base to attach the Fall leaves. I highly recommend using E6000 glue for wreaths as it is far more durable under weather conditions.

Begin by attaching your Fall leaves to the base, Start from the top (the mouth) area and work your way down the beard of your Fall Gnome.

For the hat of your gnome, you can create a cone using burlap. If you do not have burlap you could use brown/green felt or even an old coffee bean hessian bag. Create a cone shape and attach it to the wreath.

The gnomes nose can be created using a ping-pong ball or a pom pom.

Finish off the Gnomes hat with some twigs, and add a wood sign or extra embellishments of your choice.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!