Activated Charcoal Detox Soap

Activated Charcoal Detox Soap

This melt and pour soap making recipe shows you how to add Activated Charcoal in to your soap to create a Detox Soap bar.

What you need

4 tbs of Activated Charcoal powder
14 oz (400g) goats milk melt and pour soap


This recipe uses the method for Melt and Pour Soaps. You can use any soap mold you have or small flexible container.  I didn’t mix my Activated Charcoal powder in to the soap, instead I swirled it into the molds. I really love the mottled effect it gave my soap bars.

Simply mix the activated charcoal into the soap mold and pour the melted Melt and Pour Soap base over the top.



  1. mbanacele says

    It is a great project that can help poor people to earn money .I like the project for working on soap to support orphans

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