4th Of July Patriotic Flag Wreath

4th Of July Patriotic Flag Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a 4th of July wreath using basic crafting supplies and a flag.

What you need

Grapevine wreath

American flag 

Large Metal Star 



This tutorial uses a damaged flag that was brought home by a Vet, his wife, Marsha, created this stunning wreath for her family to enjoy.

You can use a store-bought flag or consider painting one of plain fabric.

Fold the flag in half lengthways to create the flag sash.

Take the flag and secure it to the wreath on a diagonal angle, You can glue or stitch the flag to the back of the wreath, placing the gather behind where the star will sit.
You could use stitches if you are wanting to preserve the flag as the stitches can be removed at a later date.

Layer the wreath as shown above by gluing the star onto the side. You can add more detail with extra, stars, some raffia or even some roses for someone who has passed.

Thank you for sharing your project image with us Marsha!


  1. Elaine Miele says

    Love this wreath!!
    Was wondering the size of the grape vine wreath you used for this?

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