4th of July Inspired Bracelet

4th of July Inspired Bracelet

Using some craft wire, crystal beads, you can make this fun patriotic bracelet. Perfect for your 4th of July party!

What you need

Craft wire, jewelry pliers, crystal beads- blue, red and transparent and star charm.


step (1)

Step-1: Cut a small piece of craft wire, around 6-7 cm should work. Insert the crystal beads into the wire. Stop beading when 1.5 cm of the wire is left.

step (2)

Step-2: When you’re done beading, use looping pliers to make a loop at both ends of the wire to secure the beads. Slightly bend the beaded wire.

step (3)

Step-3: Measure your bracelet size and cut 3 same sized chain links to complete the other half of the bracelet. Attach the chain links through jump rings with the loops on both ends of the wired crystal beads. Also attach a closure on any one end.

step (4)

Step-4: Make a jump ring to attach the star charm with the bracelet. Attach it right in the middle of the crystal beads. Done!




  1. very nice 🙂

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