4th of July Coffee Filter Firework Flowers

4th of July Coffee Filter Firework Flowers

This 4th of July patriotic craft shows you how to make coffee filter firework flowers for your Fourth of July holiday celebrations.

What you need

basket coffee filters
chenille stems (red, white, blue, gold and/or silver)
red and blue watercolor paint
2 pieces of paper towel or a kitchen towel


Place one of the coffee filters onto the paper plate and flatten out.

Paint the coffee filter with water color paint. Paint some solid red, some solid blue and others a combination of blue and red, leaving some areas unpainted.

Move the coffee filter to the towel and lay flat to dry. Repeat with the second coffee filter.

Leaving the center of the filter in tact, cut the coffee filter in strips, working you way around the circle.

Cut a 1.5″ piece off of one end of a chenille stem and set aside.

Take the longer piece of chenille and poke it through the center of the coffee filter. There should be about 2″ of chenille poked through.

Turn the entire thing upside down and grasp the filter with your fingers. Gather it around the chenille and secure it by wrapping the extra piece of chenille stem that you cut off in an earlier step. Twist it around the part you are holding and turn the flower back upright.

Manipulate with your finger until strips are spread out and it looks the way you want it to.

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