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Make Love Not War Chain

Peace everyone! Learn to make these classic "Make Love Not War" chain with these simple steps.

Make Love Not War Chain

What you need

1 Flower Life 25mm pink ball shaped photobead with bachelor buttons, primroses, hyacinth and fringed gromwell
1 Flower Life photobutton with bachelor buttons, primroses, hyacinth and fringed gromwell
1 silver plated peace symbol pendant
1 hart shaped purple faceted glass charm containing a rice grain with the word "love"
70cm (28") silver plated chain
4 silver plated 6mm jump rings
1 long eye pin

Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters


1. Attach one end of the chain to the eye of the eye pin. String the photo bead. Make a simple loop that attaches to the other end of the chain. Cut excess wire of the eye pin.

2. 14 cm from the photo bead attach the pendant to a chain link using a jump ring. Attach the glass charm to the same chain link using another jump ring.

3. Open one jump ring. Put it through both holes of the photobutton and close. Use the last jump ring to attach the button to the chain 6cm from the charms (and 20cm from the bead).

Make Love Not War Chain

Make Love Not War Chain

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  1. amazing!!!!!!

  2. where do you find the glass charm with a rice grain in it

  3. lncraftgirl says:

    Wow…Love the style and the design!! :)

  4. ;

  5. easy instructions and very cute- peace!

  6. All I Can Say Is Awesome!!!

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